LVT Installation Instructions
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LVT Installation Instructions


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LVT - Installation Instructions

Site Conditions

The following should be observed to ensure Carolina Lifestyles LVT is ready for installation:

1. Approved adhesive should be stored onsite for at least 24 hours prior to installation. This allows the flooring to be acclimatized properly. Ideally the cartons should be unstacked.

2. Room temperature should be kept between 65F (18C) and 75F (24C) for 48 hours before, during and after installation.

3. Arrows on back of tile should all be pointing in the same direction.

Subfloor Preparation

1. Moisture Testing – Follow ASTM F-710 “Standard Practice for Prepa ring Concrete Floors to Receive Resilient Flooring”. This would include determining Moisture Levels, Relative Humidity and pH levels – observe following:

a. ASTM F-1869, Anhydrous Calcium Chloride test for moisture levels – not to exceed 5 lbs/1,000 sq ft/24 hours.

b. ASTM F-2170, Relative Humidity (RH) test for moisture levels – not to exceed 75% RH.

c. ASTM-F-270, pH levels (test procedure 5.3.1) – readings should be between 8 and 10.

Note: The ASTM recommended test frequency is 3 measures for the first 100 sq ft and 1 for each additional 1,000 sq ft.

Note: It is the flooring contractor’s responsibility to ensure that there is not excessive moisture in the concrete and that it will not increase at a future date above the recommended levels. We are not responsible for hydrostatic pressure that may occur in the future.

2. ASTM F-1482 “Standard Practice for Installation and Preparation of Panel-Type Underlayment to Receive Resilient Flooring” guidelines should be followed for porous surfaces.

3. For non-porous follow AST M F-710 guidelines.

4. Ensure the concrete floor is smooth and level. All cracks, voids and undulations must be repaired using a high strength Portland cement-based patching material. Ensure saw cuts are carefully cleaned.

5. Do not install flooring over expansion joints.

6. All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, paint, oil, sealers and curing compounds.

7. Never use chemical adhesive removal product (chemical abatement products).


1. Thoroughly inspect all material prior to positioning into the adhesive. It is CMH Space Flooring Products’ policy that no labour will be paid for visual defects.

2. Carolina Lifestyles LVT Flooring is compatible with many vinyl backed adhesives but suitability of adhesive is the responsibility of the flooring contractor. Please contact CMH Space Flooring Produc ts prior to installation to ensure compatibility.

3. For best appearance find the center of the room by marking vertical and horizontal lines at the center of the walls. Check squareness of the marked lines then begin to work from the center outwards.

4. Be sure to follow the recommended working time from the adhesive manufacturer. Never spread more adhesive that can be installed within this working time.

Floor Protection and Initial Maintenance

1. After installation use protection such as Kraft paper or a layer of plywood sheets. Leave until the work of all trades has been completed.

2. Do not start any maintenance procedures for a minimum of 5 days after installation.

3. Never, at any time, flood the floor with water or maintenance solutions.

4. Refer to Maintenance instruc tions for specific details.

Warning: Removal of Old Flooring

Do not sand, dry sweep, dry scrape, saw, drill, bead blast, pulverize or mechanically chip existing resilient flooring, paint, lining felt, asphaltic cutback adhesives, or other adhesives as these products may contain asbestos fibers or crystalline silica. Regulations may require that the material be tested to determine asbestos content. Always consult the Resilient Floor Covering Institute’s recommendations for removal of existing resilient floor coverings.

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